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International Compost Awareness Week 2021

Posted on 5/1/2022

in Environmental News

Compost Awareness Week - Blog Post

What is International Compost Awareness Week? 

Observed during the first full week in May the annual celebration that started in Canada back in 1995, International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is a program committed to raising awareness of the benefits of composting both at an individual and commercial level. This year the theme is “Grow, Eat…Compost…Repeat”

The basic goals of ICAW as described by the compost foundation are to increase the diversion of organics from the main waste stream through increasing awareness of and participation in organics diversion initiatives (centralized composting, curbside, home composting, community composting) and; To increase awareness of, and advocate the proper use of, ‘soil-improving composts’

As landfills continue to rise, this program is more important than ever. When households compost, they use their products to nourish the earth rather than harm it. Read on to find out how you can participate and what products we offer at Green that are compostable, disposable, and guilt-free! 

Then Benefits of Composting & Using Soil Enriching Composts:

• Compost helps maintain healthy plant growth. Soil-enriching composts provide the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth and intense colors throughout the growing season.

• Save time, money and help save the environment by enriching and amending your soil with compost. Compost helps improve the structure of clay and sandy soils. The organic matter in soil-enriched composts helps break up heavy and clay soils making them lighter, freer draining, and easier to work.

• Compost will cut down your watering requirements. Using sustainable soil-enriching composts helps prevent erosion of valuable topsoil without depleting valuable wildlife habitats.

• Compost encourages nature to work for you. Earthworms and many other beneficial creatures flourish in enriched soils. Their activities help release essential nutrients, which strengthen plants and increase their resistance to disease. • Compost help to quickly establish new shrubs, plants, and turf.

• The improved structure of enriched soils provides excellent growing conditions and aids root-zone establishment.

•The U.S. Composting Council operates a Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program that enables participating composters to label their compost as STA approved, giving the consumer an informed choice of high-quality products. Refer to the STA section of the USCC website for more facts and benefits.

• Composting reduces the quantity of waste going to landfills.

•Composting can reduce the number of materials discarded in landfills by up to 50%. If landfilled, these organic materials will break down to release methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and leachate.

•A blanket of compost used to re-seed land grows vegetation more quickly and more cheaply than more mainstream methods.

ICAW Composting Tips

Want to make the most of International Compost Awareness Week? Get started by following these simple tips. 

  1. Know Your Composting Types - There are many great ways to compost! Read our blog about the various kinds of composting and choose the ones that work best for you. 

  2. Compost Your Food - The easiest way to begin composting is to start with your food! As a good rule of thumb, any food that is grown can be added to compost piles. Under the right conditions and over time, they will break down and provide minerals to the soil. 

  3. Compost Your Products - Many disposable products pollute the environment by filling up landfills. Avoid this by composting products commercially when you can. To find a commercial composting facility near you, head to our locator page

Compostable Products You Can Depend On 

If you want to make a difference through the products you purchase, you can do so easily at! We offer a wide range of compostable products — from household goods to business essentials, we have something convenient and eco-friendly for you. Learn more about a few of our compostable goods below! 

Cold Cups - Our compostable cold cups are made from polylactic acid (PLA) and will break down when disposed of in a commercial composting facility. Our cups are available in 3-24 oz. sizes and also have flexible order minimums. 

Clamshells - A favorite of many businesses, our compostable clamshells can help improve the loyalty of your customers and reduce waste. They’re made from natural plant fiber and are designed for both hot and cold foods. 

Bento Boxes - The food-organizing essential, bento boxes are great for kids, customers, and meal planners. Ours are disposable and made from renewable bamboo and unbleached plant fiber. After use, they can be easily composted. 

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