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History of Green Paper Products

Posted on 2/9/2021

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a compostable disposable coffee cup

Green Paper Products Company History

From candy wrappers to plastic food packaging, where do you think trash ends up? Every year, the United States alone produces 230 million tons of garbage. Most of the trash is either incinerated or buried in landfills. What’s more, only around a quarter of the trash that the country produces actually gets recycled and only about ten percent of plastic pollution ever gets recycled. 

The Great Pacific garbage patch has increased to 1.6 million square kilometers or three times the size of France. Do you know the worst part here? That floating patch of trash is only one of the five offshore plastic accumulation regions in the world’s oceans. 

Humans are now faced with a deteriorating garbage concern, and yet, there’s no real way of cleaning up the seas and getting rid of the plastic trash. Fortunately, Ohio-based company Green Paper Products provides effective solutions with their eco-friendly, compostable, and sustainable line of paper goods and other  food service products. 

Green Paper Products was born from the understanding that we are surrounded by waste, pollution, and a deteriorating environment rather than living in eco-friendly surroundings. They are a compostable and sustainable disposable products company founded to lower the environmental footprint of today and tomorrow. 

When Did Green Paper Products Start?

Green Paper Products is an eco-friendly products company that aims to offer goods made from renewable resources, which could boost sustainability goals and raise the diversion of organic materials from landfills. The company was established in 2009 by Harry Goodfriend and Steve Saks to make the planet better for their kids and grandkids. 

The two founders met each other in the fourth grade, stayed friends over the years and were roommates together in college before moving on to separate career paths. Goodfriend found his passion in selling envelopes and other paper products, while Saks became a dentist. 

In 2002, Saks retired from his dental practice, and during that time, Goodfriend proposed an idea of something they could work on together.

After thorough planning, the two decided to establish a sustainable e-commerce business. One of the major challenges they had was finding the best supplier to bring all compostable food-service containers they would offer to the public. Luckily, they found one in the U.S. that helps design the products with both Asian and US manufacturers. 

Green Paper Products is currently offering its eco-friendly products to individuals, businesses, schools, churches, caterers, restaurants, special events, and more. Whether you are looking for trash bags and straws to hot cups with lids or clamshell containers, they have it all. 

The company continues to grow and plans to expand its product line in 2021 and beyond. . While continuing to anticipate future growth, their warehouse facility is also expanding to be able to take on more inventory and offer a wider selection of products. 

The e-commerce business strives to be responsible for the environment and offer the best quality disposable products with the minimum impact on the environment. Every compostable food container and product they offer is thoroughly manufactured to their specific specifications to ensure their customers get the absolute best, top of the line, quality products possible.

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